Property Management Firms Can Ease the Strains of Operation

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Property Management Firm

Stephen J. Izzi owns and operates Square Foot Real Estate Management, LLC. Stephen J. Izzi’s company provides property management and associated services to clients with commercial and residential real estate holdings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Property management firms can be beneficial to property owners and landlords on several levels. First, they allow a buffer between these entities and tenants. In the event that a tenant fails to pay rent or needs to be evicted, management companies are responsible for ameliorating the situation for the owner or landlord.

Ease of operation is another reason to hire a property manager. Limited time or a large volume of rental units can create an overwhelming workload, and owners or landlords may turn to a property management service for assistance. Property managers also may take on responsibilities like screening applicants for occupancy, pursuing remediation in regard to repair costs that tenants are responsible for paying, and maintaining tax and legal records.


Title Insurance – A Necessary Part of Real Estate Transactions

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Title Insurance

Stephen J. Izzi owns Northeast Executive Abstract Agency, Inc., now located in Jenkintown, PA. Stephen J. Izzi founded the company in 1993 to provide title insurance services for buyers, sellers, lenders, agents, and brokers who are purchasing or refinancing real estate.

Title insurance is designed to protect both lenders and buyers in real estate transactions in the event of defects with or liens against a property’s title. The process for obtaining title insurance is actually twofold, and a service provider can ease the process for buyers and lenders.

A title insurance service company must first examine property records to rule out things like fraud, liens, or undisclosed heirs on a deed. Barring any discoveries of this type, the seller is deemed able to sell the property. The company then enlists an underwriter to issue the actual policy. A title insurance policy should be sufficient to pay to defend the holder in a court situation if the title is challenged.

Differences between Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investments

Experienced entrepreneur and real estate professional Stephen J. Izzi is the owner and operator of several companies operating in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Through his venture SJI Jackson Real Estate, LLC, Stephen J. Izzi sells both residential and business properties to clients.

Buying commercial real estate is different from buying residential real estate in several ways. First, while residential property owners can generate a profit by renting out the home, a large percentage of residential property buyers make the purchase for their own personal use. In commercial real estate, buyers are more likely to make an income-motivated purchase, and have a potential for higher returns on the investment.

Another difference between the two types of properties can be found in the way that they are evaluated by banks. Unlike a residential building, which is measured in total square feet, a commercial building’s size is determined by the usable amount of space. Additionally, the lease terms established between commercial real estate owners and their tenants tend to span a longer time period than those between residential landlords and their tenants.

The 31st Nazareth Hospital Foundation Annual Golf Classic Fundraiser

With more than 30 years of entrepreneurship and real estate experience, Stephen J. Izzi currently leads a number of real estate companies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Also a philanthropist, Stephen J. Izzi founded FIL the Void, a Catholic school scholarship fund, and serves on the boards of local organizations such as the Nazareth Hospital Foundation.

Located in Philadelphia, Nazareth Hospital recently hosted the Nazareth Hospital Foundation Annual Golf Classic fundraiser at the Union League Golf Club at Torresdale, where participants enjoyed a full day of golf and additional activities, including cocktails and dinner. With the support of community leaders, local businesses, and golf enthusiasts in the area, the proceeds of the 31st Annual Golf Classic totaled $68,750.

This year’s event raised almost $10,000 more than the 2014 fundraiser, which reserved a portion of its funds to purchase a blanket warming cabinet for the Cancer Center at Nazareth Hospital’s Infusion Suite. According to the Nazareth Hospital Foundation, proceeds from the annual event help maintain the many services, departments, and clinical programs at Nazareth Hospital.

Common Issues With Property Titles

A prominent real estate executive, Stephen J. Izzi guides companies such as America Realty Solutions, LLC, and Square Foot Real Estate Management. Stephen J. Izzi also heads Executive Abstract Agency, Inc., which provides greater Philadelphia brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, and lending agents with a host of settlement services. The firm handles purchases as well as home equity and refinancing transactions, and helps ensure trouble-free closings.

With title insurance policies and escrow services that include in-depth title and property research, the firm gives clients peace of mind that they are obtaining “free and clear” titles. Common title issues include filing and clerical errors that affect deed and survey aspects of the property. In other cases, the chain of title is legitimate, but one of the prior deed holders misrepresented him or herself, which can make prior deeds difficult to enforce. Alternately, ownership documents may be forgeries or involve missing heirs; the latter situation may escalate into contested property rights, which can be burdensome and expensive to resolve. Finally, other issues to be aware of include unknown easements, boundary disputes, and undiscovered encumbrances.

American Realty Solutions (ARS) Helps Community Banking Grow Out of the Recession

Jenkintown, PA, November 21, 2014: America’s Great Recession – which officially lasted from December 2007 to July 2009 – began with the bursting of the country’s 8 trillion dollar housing bubble. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, few industries attracted as much attention during the recent recession as financial institutions. American Realty Solutions (ARS), led by CEO Stephen J. Izzi, have taken steps to develop creative ways that tackle some of the hardships community banks endured during this tumultuous time, including managing their real estate and impaired loans. Providing this service allows banks to cut overhead on nonperforming assets and focus talent on growth rather than detrimental assets.


Starting in late 2013, Izzi began engaging with banks by using his experienced background in a wide variety of real estate practices including: title management, tax lien servicing, real estate sales, property management and prior personal experience in banking. These services helped foster innovative ways to aid banks with everything from special asset servicing to tax lien management.


Izzi and his experienced team of former bankers have helped financial institutions liquidate dying special assets and REO portfolios by providing:

  • external value-added collection
  • reporting
  • workout
  • foreclosure
  • management
  • sales services


Delivering all of the services under one umbrella has allowed efficient results and driven success stories that leave all decisions with the bank. Examples of these can be found on American Realty Solutions website:


“Community banks are important for small business in every locality. Allowing community banks to spend capital in the community and spend it in areas that allow growth is what we are providing,” says Steven J. Izzi, CEO of American Realty Solutions. “Our services allow banks to focus their talent on growth and positive assets, while our team of former bankers and real estate professionals take care of special and troubled assets. There are investors out there that want banks special assets, and we are good at connecting those two groups.”

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