Common Issues With Property Titles

A prominent real estate executive, Stephen J. Izzi guides companies such as America Realty Solutions, LLC, and Square Foot Real Estate Management. Stephen J. Izzi also heads Executive Abstract Agency, Inc., which provides greater Philadelphia brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, and lending agents with a host of settlement services. The firm handles purchases as well as home equity and refinancing transactions, and helps ensure trouble-free closings.

With title insurance policies and escrow services that include in-depth title and property research, the firm gives clients peace of mind that they are obtaining “free and clear” titles. Common title issues include filing and clerical errors that affect deed and survey aspects of the property. In other cases, the chain of title is legitimate, but one of the prior deed holders misrepresented him or herself, which can make prior deeds difficult to enforce. Alternately, ownership documents may be forgeries or involve missing heirs; the latter situation may escalate into contested property rights, which can be burdensome and expensive to resolve. Finally, other issues to be aware of include unknown easements, boundary disputes, and undiscovered encumbrances.